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Klinefelter Syndrome Australia Inc.

Founder and president Emily Wadsworth was informed her son, has Klinefelters syndrome  (XXY) and a  Chromosome duplication of Sq 15.23 and their lives change forever. Being  unsatisfied of the information readily available in Available, Emily  set off to the 2nd International Klinefelters conference in Muenster,  Germany and establishes Klinefelter Syndrome Australia Inc. (KSA). KSA is the first charity in Australia that solely supports individuals living with an extra X. 

Our Vision is to to help provide access to specialised support in a multidisciplinary environment across Australia.   

Our mission is:

To provide a central  location for factual information that is easily digestible to  understand, as well as have a central location for support services. 

To provide information and awareness to education and health  professionals and the wider community; so we can advocate and create positive changes within our community, for our community.




So you have suspicions something is different about your body, a medical specialist has recommended a blood test for 47 XXY, otherwise known as Klinefelter syndrome, recently diagnosed or looking for information on Klinefelters? 



XXY can be diagnosed with a specialised blood test, called karyotyping (a karyotype), to look for chromosomal abnormalities. Any GP can order genetic testing when a chromosomal or genetic condition is suspected or needs to be ruled out.

All research evidence supports that early intervention makes a significant difference for children with chromosome variations. 

Getting the news that you have a chromosome variation can be confronting and most individuals won’t have the same symptoms, as each individual experience the symptoms on a spectrum. 



 The symptoms of 47,XXY can be treated and managed throughout childhood with occupational, physical and speech therapy as well as other support services. Teaching methods can help achieve academic success despite learning difficulties.  Adolescents who have reached the age of puberty and adults often require supplemental testosterone because their bodies make insufficient hormone to help them develop male secondary sex characteristics such as facial hair, a deep voice, and male pattern muscle and fat distribution.

Testosterone - is an important factor for Individuals whose testosterone levels are low may feel fatigued, anxious and depressed. Children who are reaching adolescence should be evaluated by a endocrinologist who can determine when hormone therapy should begin, depending on blood tests. 


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